The International Mobility with Disabilities project informs young people with disabilities about opportunities for international mobility and the help and support available from associations, youth information centers and other structures involved in mobility.

In February 2020, a training week took place in Zagreb with participants with disabilities and young workers for a cross look at international mobility and disability. This week was an opportunity to continue developing tools to support young people with disabilities in their international mobility projects; tools that can also be used by youth workers. 

The report of the training week gives the following information :

  • Details on the needs of young people with disabilities
  • Testimonies of young people with disabilities who have participated in mobility programs
  • Examples of accessible activities to be organized for the host structure
  • Informations about the IMD project and the tools that are being developed by the partners

You can download a pdf or an accessible word version of the report.

For more information on the International Mobility with Disabilities project, please contact us via the contact email.